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Is a caravan cover worth it?

Dec 28

With our caravans and pop tops being so important to us in the current climate, protecting them from the harsh Australian conditions is absolutely essential. Camping more so than ever will be our best route to freedom over the next few years, and looking after our Caravans will be absolutely essential.

With this in mind, there is no better time than now to tell you about the new improvements to the ADCO Covers. ADCO has now improved on their already number 1 seller in the USA, with the new exclusive Olefin HD top panel fabric, making them even better.

The improved covers have retained all the key benefits such as design for harsh Australian conditions, high-performance polypropylene side panelling, passenger side zippered entry, and Strap buckle system, but on top of this, they have now added the new Olefin fabric, which has outperformed competitive fabrics in water resistance, tear strength and UV resistance.

The new highly protective 4 layers of the Olefin HD roof panel give maximum protection against damaging UV rays, being breathable (virtually eliminating mould and mildew), yet giving a level of water resistance by beading water on contact.

With the uncertainty around air travel and visiting overseas locations, these covers having a 3-year warranty now seems even more important.  It gives us that additional peace of mind when needing protection in the various parts of our beautiful country.

Our range of ADCO Pop Top and Caravan Covers come in all sizes and gives us the confidence that we can help you protect and maintain your most prized asset.