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Camping Gadgets

Nov 12

Looking for a way to take your next camping excursion to the next level?

You don't have to change your destination or length of your holiday. You can transform your future caravan or camping holiday simply by bringing along the right gear.

Because camping technology changes nearly on a daily basis, it's important to stay on top of the trends when it comes to camping gadgets.

In this post, we've compiled the top ten gadgets that will change your camping game, no matter where you're headed.

Automatic Mini Washing Machine

Forget having to pile all of your dirty linens in the corner of your caravan to wash up when you're back from your holiday. Don't even worry about having to hunt down a laundromat.

This mini washing machine is one of the best camping gadgets out there. Ideal for caravanning, it has a great loading capacity and easy control panel. It is best for cold washes only and can easily install in your caravan.

Aluminum Director's Chair

Camp chairs are a necessary item for any camping adventure, whether you are caravanning it or pitching a tent in the bush. But you don't want to worry about ones that are in constant need of repair.

Invest in a pair of aluminium folding camp chairs that are high quality, lightweight, and comfortable. You can easily set up these chairs under your caravan awning and fold them up at the end of the night.

Portable Toilet

If you are going on a camping or backpacking holiday, you may find yourself without accessible lavatories around. With the Camec 20L Portable Toilet, you can go camping worry-free.

This mobile toilet is easy to use and carry and is a space-saving hygienic option for travellers without an on-hand lavatory. The sitting height is equivalent to that of a normal toilet.

Collapsible Wash Tub Sink with Plug

You can wash dishes anywhere you go with this wash tub sink. Save space when you're done washing dishes by collapsing the sink, and simply undo the plug when it's time to let out the water.

This is ideal for smaller caravans or for extended camping adventures.


Don't want to track dirt and sand into your caravan after a day of adventuring? Not to worry. With the CGEAR Multimat, you'll be able to clear any outdoor area for your comfort.

Simply lay down this high-tech mat and dirt and dust will fall through the mat--but not the other way around. The material in this mat was actually used originally for helicopter landings.

Simply fold up the mat when you are done and tuck it into the accompanying bag. It's easy to clean, non-absorbent, and perfect for supporting camp furniture wherever you are.

LED Awning Light and Speaker

The right lighting setup can go a long way in making your camping adventure easier and more comfortable.

So why not pair an efficient lighting system for your caravan awning with a media Bluetooth speaker?

This LED awning light replaces your existing lighting system and also integrates an external stereo system. You'll be enjoying bright, energy-efficient lighting and your favourite tunes as you relax outside in the middle of the bush.

Collapsible Kettle

You can definitely take your tea with you on your caravanning adventure. The collapsible camping kettle is one of the best camping gadgets out there because it is pop-up style and functional.

You can save space and brew the tea you love--up to 1.2 litres--with this nifty kettle. Simply place this kettle on top of any direct heat source and you'll be enjoying your cuppa in moments.

External Shower

Camping isn't always the cleanest activity, especially if you spend your days hiking or swimming. Shower off after a long day of fun with an external shower.

This compact shower is ideal for caravans, campers, and pop tops.