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Newcastle Ocean Baths

Mar 1

About Newcastle Ocean Baths

The Newcastle Ocean Baths is a three-gated saltwater pool located on the Pacific Coast, with views of the ocean and coastline. The narrow stretch allows for lap swimming but sun-seekers can enjoy large rectangular pools too in addition to children's wading area called Canoe Pool (which could also be used as an actual canoe). This impressive establishment offers spectacular scenery that will leave you feeling relaxed after your visit.

This beautiful seaside bathhouse is in the southern part of an island that can be accessed by bus or car. It has many different beaches within walking distance, including ones with scenic views for those who want some peace and quiet time alone. If you're looking to make friends while visiting this place then go ahead because everyone here will definitely appreciate your presence. Sunbathing bodies at sunrise before getting wet again later during high tide, families find refuge from their hectic lives together exploring nature in its purest form.

The site is open to the public at all times aside from a weekly clean-up on low tide. Lifeguards watch over pools year-round and stay late in summer, which lasts until early September or April of next year depending upon the season.

What To Do At Newcastle Ocean Baths

The poolside area is the perfect place to relax after an invigorating day of exploring. You can take a dip or just walk around in these calm waters when you're feeling tired since saltwater does not conduct electricity as freshwater does! The waves will break at high tide so there's no need for any worrying about getting wet - enjoy this peaceful moment before night falls again atop our beautiful town.

The perfect spot to spend a day with your significant other, the laid back atmosphere of this lookout point will make you both feel comfortable. Laze around on one of their many blankets while taking in all that Shortland Esplanade has to offer- from excellent views at sea or inside ponds.

The art deco pavilion building of the ocean baths is a perfect example for those who love modern architecture. It's cream with touches turquoise and it lights up at night, generating an electrifying ambience against dark seawater as you take pictures underneath its roof-top studio.

Your toddler will love exploring the large, circular Canoe Pool beside our main structure. It's usually unsupervised and very shallow so they can play with little risk of getting wet or hot! Clamber over rocks to Newcastle Beach where you'll find soft sand that is great for relaxing on while watching children swim around in circles.


One local company in Newcastle involved in this tourist attraction is:

Name: Newcastle Blinds

Address: Unit 15/102 Bridge St, Waratah NSW 2298

Phone: (02) 4003 6447