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Scalp Micropigmentation: Before and After Results

Jan 25

Whether it is a general hair tattoo, scalp micropigmentation for alopecia, male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, hairlines, thinning hair, scar concealment or SMP for long hair, our smp before and after results speak for themselves.

All of our before and after SMP results are from customers that have come directly to us here at the clinic seeking scalp micropigmentation solutions.



Male pattern baldness before and after

In the following example you can see how SMP is used to combat male pattern baldness.

The result of using it has been extraordinary and perfect, which shows that this treatment will work for anyone who wants their hair back!

male pattern baldness before and after

Female pattern baldness before and after

In the world of hair care, we often think about male pattern baldness.

However, SMP has also been used to treat female pattern baldness by creating a novel solution for this condition. We are talking about an extraordinary treatment that’s working at perfection!

SMP is not just limited to only treating males with their case of hair loss – it can be used on females too in order for them to achieve hair growth and volume as well!

The effects have shown astounding results: they’ve showed how powerful these treatments are through shedding light onto some truly astonishing feats accomplished thanks solely due our expertise within scalp-targeted pharmaceuticals.

female pattern baldness before and after

Thinning hair before and after

Hair thinning is no easy feat. For those of us with hair on the thinner side, it can be a struggle to find something that works for our unique type of locks.

That’s why we should all get excited about SMP to thicken up strands! You’ll see an incredible transformation in your hair after just one treatment session – without any adverse effects or chemicals involved.

As seen here:

thinning hair before and after

Hairlines before and after

The most dramatic and powerful thing about SMP is that it can be used for hairline purposes.

If you look at this scalp micro pigmentation result, the transformation was incredible with just three sessions!

hairlines before and after

Alopecia before and after

One of the most fascinating examples is alopecia, where current treatments are not so great.

But this new SMP treatment shows incredible possibilities to change lives for those who suffer from it and transform them into something completely different.

alopecia before and after

Scar Concealment before and after

The use of SMP for scar concealment is nothing short of extraordinary.

The transformation it has made on this person’s appearance is life-changing, and will almost make you forget that they had a terrible accident at one point in their lives because the scars are so well covered up now with such an advanced techniques.

scar concealment before and after

Facial Micropigmentation

Facial micropigmentation is one of the many ways that SMP can be used.

As you can see from this example, it has completely transformed his face and has given him that beard look!

facial micropigmentation before and after

Our LUXE SMP clinic is dedicated to providing the best scalp micro pigmentation.

As you can see, our before and after results are perfect for all kinds of treatments when done with perfection like we do here at LUXE SMP!


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