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Walmart SEO Guide: Best Ways To Rank Product Listing Easily

Jan 3

Walmart has endless opportunities, but its digital shelves contain 80 million products (and counting). You need to master Walmart's search algorithm to meet your sales goals. The search algorithm determines whether your products will be displayed on Walmart's site. We explore Walmart account management tips listed on Walmart and rank high in the search results in this blog post.

How Does Walmart's Algorithm Work?

An algorithm in the Walmart search box works in the background every time someone searches for "cat food" or "men's jacket". According to Walmart consultants, among the 11 core components of a listing, the algorithm looks at various factors to identify the most relevant products to display.  

The overall quality score of your listing is based on the amount of content, offers, and performance factors in the listing. According to Walmart, this is the "optimization triangle":

  • Product category, title, description, image, and attribute information are also included (how descriptive is your listing?)
  • You need to keep track of your ODRs, policy adherence, and customer response time (how is your customer experience?)
  • There is a price listed for the item, a shipping price, and an in-stock price as part of the offer. 

The algorithm aims to protect consumers and provide the most relevant results by identifying the most trustworthy sellers. Therefore, you must observe these search engine optimization (SEO) tactics from your customer's perspective. By offering a world-class experience to your customers from the moment they discover your listing until they receive their order, you will improve your listings' quality.

Walmart SEO: 6 Tips for Boosting Your Organic Rankings

  • Your Products Should Be Categorized and Attributed Correctly

For your products to appear under the right searches, you must find the right category and subcategory. While finding the suitable variety for your products can be challenging, consider using a tool like SMART Types to map them for you automatically.

The category helps organize your product at a high level, but your product attributes provide additional search value. You should review the left-hand filter on the relevant search result page to see what people are looking for when researching your product. Walmart does not require many attributes per subcategory, but you can better understand by looking at the left-hand filter on the relevant search result page.

Consider how your customers might search for your product to get an idea of where to begin. You should include as many details about your product as possible so that it appears on a page that is filtered according to colour, size, material, and other criteria. Include details like colour or size in the product name if you think your customers might search for those details. You should not mention product attributes in your listing names if your listings include multiple colours and variations.

  • Come up with a concise name for the product.

Don't make your headlines too poetic. Wal-Mart has strict labelling guidelines, and it won't accept titles that refer to anything other than what the product is (like "best-selling" or "free shipping"). As a starting point, Wal-Mart suggests this formula:

Name of Brand + Size Specification (if applicable) + Defining Quality + Style (if applicable) + Quantity Per Pack

Walmart will truncate your title after the first 50 or so characters; it's recommended that your product name be between 50 and 70 characters long. The first thing you should do is provide the essential information about your product.

  • A minimum of four images is required

Walmart requires four or more images for the majority of product types. Walmart does not know whether customers have enough information to make an informed purchase, so having less information could hurt your ranking.

Provide the right image specs with high-quality images. Alternate images (AV images) can be used to demonstrate multiple angles of your products, showcase critical features, show the products in use, and illustrate their actual size.

  • Make Sure Your Product Pages Use Keywords

Walmart suggests that you include three or more items in the bullet-pointed list, which helps increase your product's visibility. The terms buyers are likely to enter into a search engine when searching for your product are known as keywords.

Depending on your product, you may have a "root" keyword in mind, but you should consider other ways to describe it. The system cannot be manipulated by using "keyword stuffing"-indiscriminately adding or repeating words. Search engines may suppress a listing that appears spammy. An unnatural use of keywords may also lower your listing's readability (read: conversion rate).

  • Make sure your product descriptions are as detailed as possible

It would help if you took the time to write a custom description for your most essential products, even though it can feel tedious. You can use the report to showcase the benefits of your product and overcome the barrier between you and the customer, even if they don't have the opportunity to see or touch anything.

Include 3 to 10 key features and at least 150 words of a detailed description in this section. This section shouldn't be keyword-stuffed, but you should include keyword synonyms or contextual information for your root keyword.

  • Make sure your landing price is the best it can be

Pricing is one of the most critical factors for Walmart (and its shoppers). Free, fast shipping gives your products the best chance of getting noticed when it comes to price and shipping speed. If your item and shipping prices are the same on and other sites, make sure there is no significantly lower price elsewhere. For discounted shipping rates, try FedEx Advantage, Deliverr and WFS (if your order qualifies).


The power of a high-ranking product lies in its conversion rate. You can optimise your listings as an alternative to listing your products and waiting for sales to pour in.

You can make a big difference with simple changes, such as revising your product data or description. When time is tight, or if you don't know where to begin, use software like Urtasker for hassle-free Walmart account management. If you have questions regarding Walmart management, feel free to reach out to us for expert opinions.